Our story


Fiastra.shop is a unique online department store. Fiastra.shop makes all her products herself, this means that all the products in this webshop are made in The Netherlands. All products from Fiastra.shop are sustainable, sustainability is an important aspect within our company. We work with several sustainable materials: wood, cork & bioplastics. We only use bioplastics that can be absorbed without harming nature, thus surpassing an important milestone compared to other producers/factories. The bioplastics that we use are also made from recycled material.

The products we make are made for everyone, young and old. Fiastra.shop has a wide range of different products and new products are added every week. Our products are also available on big online marketplaces like bol.com.

What makes Fiastra.shop unique?
- All products are made in the Netherlands, so we skip a lot of production processes (for example no boat from China has to come to us, because we produce everything ourselves).
- All products are sustainable, all materials we use for producing our products are sustainable.
- We produce everything ourselves, so we have a better idea of what sells and what does not, and we do not have a surplus of products.
- Unique design & quality, we use a high quality standard for our products and all our products have a unique design that you have never seen before.
- Low prices, due to our unique production processes we can reduce the prices of our products. Better for you, nature and us.

Do you have any questions/remarks about our company? You can always contact us at Info@fiastra.shop