Our products are made in our own factory in the Netherlands. The products we sell are made of recycled plastic and are of high quality. Feel free to take a look at our website www.fiastra.shop to see our range. Fiastra often releases new products, so the brand continues to innovate. Each quarter, we add new products to our range. We have developed a system that makes it easy for resellers (Fiastra dealers) to purchase our products. After consultation with us via email, we offer an exclusive discount code that serves as a margin (20-40%) that can be used on our site (www.fiastra.shop) as a B2B customer. This way, products can be quickly and easily purchased via our regular site (www.fiastra.shop). Our orders are shipped quickly, with delivery times between 1-15 days depending on the size of the purchase order. We can create customers and choose whether to impose or shift taxes through our software, this can be done after consultation. Communication and software have been a very effective investment for us to make everything run smoothly. It is also possible to purchase our products through the B2B platform Orderchamp, the flexibility is less than directly via us. Interested? Then contact us via info@fiastra.net. Hopefully see you soon!


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Fiastra is a brand that designs and produces sustainable and unique products. All products of Fiastra are made in the Netherlands, we manufacture the products ourselves. The materials that we use for our products are made of recycled plastic and wood. All the materials we use are sourced from local businesses, so we skip many traditional production processes.We also use sustainable and stylish packaging for our products, with each product having unique packaging. We offer a product display as well, so that our products can be stylishly displayed in your shop. This display is minimalistic and modern, allowing it to fit into any environment. Fiastra is also offering a unique customer contact for the after sales of the products, customers can come here and have all their questions answered.

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