About Fiastra

Fiastra is a brand founded in 2021. The brand Fiastra makes products from sustainable and recycled materials, the products of Fiastra are made in The Netherlands by using modern (sustainable) techniques. Fiastra is a sustainable alternative for current products in the consumer market. Fiastra skips many traditional production processes, because they produce locally and therefore do NOT come from China. In this way Fiastra can manage their own stock and delivery times of goods, so there are no oversupply situations. The idea of Fiastra was born when a gap in the market was discovered to make consumer products really sustainable. Our goal is to work together with online and offline retailers in the coming years to increase our brand awareness. 


Fiastra is inspired and originated in the area of Le Marche in Italy. Discover the stunning surroundings and nature in the images below.

Photo by Luca Florio