These are the best ways to storage your Pokémon cards.

These are the best ways to storage your Pokémon cards.

Since it was launched in the 1990's, Pokémon cards have gained a lot of popularity. As the game has evolved and new generations were released, so did the number of players all over the world. Nowadays, this phenomenon has become what is considered by many a true "collectible". These cards are valuable, whether you play with them or not.

You might have heard that Pokémon cards are rare, making them increasingly valuable. This is true. But you should also consider caring for your collection as much as you can so you can keep your cards for a long time then sell them for a good price later on. To make sure your cards stay in mint condition, you should look at how you store them. It doesn't take much to follow some simple rules that will make it easy to find any card and keep them safe from things like water damage and bends. See below the methods we recommend. Click on the product titles to go to the product.


1. Pokémon Cards Holder Flaare

Don't lose your precious Pokémon cards with our strong-backed cases. They are made of strong and sturdy material that will protect the cards from damage, rain and a shock. They are suitable for all generations of Pokémon cards.

Fiastra pokemon product storage best storage

2. Pokémon Cards Display Flaare

With this holders for Pokemon Cards you can show everybody your rarest pokemon (or other trading cards). We designed the display (holder) in such a way that you can also put a sleeve around the Pokemon card, this ensures that your Pokemon cards won't be damaged!

Pokémon kaarten display

3. Double Pokémon card holder Flaare

This Pokémon card display is the same as the one above, but twice the size!


 4. Pokémon cards storage box Flaare

Do you have a lot of Pokémon cards? Show them your love with this compact and spacious display box. This is the perfect product for a Pokémon fan! This holder will hold all your pokémon cards in style, just like it would in the Pokémon universe.

5. Extra safe Pokémon card box/case Flaare

This extra secure box/case is the perfect product for a Pokémon fan! This compact and secure case will keep all your pokémon cards in one place. The special "click" system makes sure that the box closes properly, even when larger objects are stored inside. A great solution for people who want to carry their pokémon deck with them on trips.


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